Competition format

Gosford Pickleball League is a six-week competition catered towards Pickleball players of an intermediate/advanced level who are seeking to compete weekly against players of an equal skill in competitive match play.

Each week players will play in a team of three, playing a total of nine matches against the opposing team, with their scores recorded and tallied for the leader board each week.

Competitions take place in six week blocks culminating in a Finals Night.


  1. Six Matches per player (total nine matches per team)
  2. Players must be minimum 3+ pickleball rating
  3. Six weeks of round robin competition
  4. One week for finals play-off
  5. Scoring: first to 11 points win by two points each match
  6. If a player is unable to play, the player must arrange a replacement reserve player

Upcoming Competitions

Monday Night UTR Pickleball Competition
7:00pm–8:30pm Intermediate Begins Monday 20th November – entry: $15 per player. Register now
Thursday Night Competition/League 6:30pm–8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Begins Thursday 16th November – entry: $90 per player, up to 3 players per team. Prize: $600 for winning team. Register now

Please note:  Our Bar is open Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, Saturdays from 1pm and Sunday afternoons from 3pm.