We have introduced a Gosford Tennis Club player ranking system based on the Universal Tennis Rating, regularly called a UTR, that records your weekly results from club play competitions and tournaments. This is your chance to know exactly how you rank, giving you an incentive to improve your game, and move up the leader board.

GTC UTR Player Rankings

How do I get started?

What is UTR?
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Once you have joined you can get started by entering events held at our club or elsewhere that uses UTR.

Get Involved and improve your skills

The ranking system will help us identify who are our best club players, identify players who would like to get to the next level via our local coaching and competition pathways, and ensure standards are maintained consistently and equally across the club.

It will also help us to seed players for local competitions, and club representation at inter-club and regional events.

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It is easy to use and either yourself or our staff can regularly update scores to provide you with a real time player skill level.

Compare yourself

Your very own UTR will allow you to compare yourself against the world’s top players, and in 2019 Tennis Australia joined UTR to start providing local players with a nationwide UTR ranking. Read more on this HERE.

How you compare against the Pro’s?
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If you need any assistance to register or have any questions relating to the UTR, we are happy to assist you.