Leading Tennis Coaches at Gosford Tennis Club

Gosford Tennis Club stands as a beacon of excellence on the Central Coast of NSW, largely due to the exceptional coaching programs spearheaded by former tennis standouts Alex Fielding and Jono Cooper.

Since 2016 with the club’s full support, their programs have produced a string of successful players who have clinched State Titles and secured coveted scholarships at prestigious US universities.

Alex Fielding

Head Coach

Hailing from the North West, Alex Fielding embarked on his tennis journey under the tutelage of Roger Waugh at the age of 11. Known for his dynamic running forehand, Alex ascended the ranks, reaching the Top 50 in Australia and claiming the National Doubles Title at the Gosford Tennis Club in 2002.

Following a competitive playing career, an injury steered Alex towards coaching, where he found his passion for nurturing talent. Since 2004, he has guided numerous top-ranked players in Australia to state-level triumphs and championships.

Alex’s coaching philosophy revolves around imparting not just technical skills but also the mental fortitude crucial for match play. He oversees private coaching, squad sessions, and the Hot Shots program at Gosford Tennis Club.

Jono Cooper

Head Coach

Jono Cooper’s tennis journey commenced at age 7 under the guidance of Bob Reid at the Matraville Tennis Centre.

A standout talent, he was admitted to the NSW Institute of Sport at 16, where he honed his skills alongside elite athletes. By 17, Jono was contending with the likes of Milos Raonic and Vasek Pospisil, eventually achieving an ATP ranking of 667 during his five-year international tour.

Following a brief hiatus exploring other fields, Jono returned to his passion, acquiring certifications in Personal Training and Tennis Australia coaching. His coaching ethos emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with the right support network and absorbing advice from invested mentors. Jono’s coaching style is marked by technical precision and a focus on high performance.

Coaching philosophy and vision

Both Alex and Jono share a commitment to developing High Performance Programs at Gosford Tennis Club, striving to elevate the club and its players to a standard of excellence unmatched on the Central Coast.

They prioritize a supportive, encouraging, and engrossing learning environment that fosters growth, drive, and a strong sense of community.

Alex and Jono epitomize the pinnacle of coaching excellence. With their combined wealth of experience, technical prowess, and dedication to player development, they continue to shape the future of Tennis on the Central Coast and surrounds, nurturing champions and instilling a passion for the sport in all who cross their path.

“Jono is incredibly technical and places strong emphasis on footwork and movement. His extensive experience and understanding of strategy and tactics make him a formidable coach for high-performance players.”

Nicholas DeVivo

“Alex is hardworking and possesses a deep understanding of players’ strengths and weaknesses. He simplifies coaching, making sessions enjoyable and effective for players of all ages and skill levels.”

Nicholas DeViv

Goal summary

Alex Fielding and Jono Cooper share a bold vision at Gosford Tennis Club: to cultivate the next generation of outstanding Australian tennis players while embracing a holistic approach that encompasses wellness, health, and mental well-being. Their coaching philosophy extends beyond technical skills, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle to support athletic development.

With their extensive backgrounds in competitive tennis and coaching, Alex and Jono aim to instill not only the physical techniques necessary for success on the court but also the mental resilience, and emotional fortitude required for elite-level performance. They prioritize creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment where players feel valued not just for their athletic abilities but as individuals with unique needs and aspirations.

In pursuit of their vision, Alex and Jono integrate wellness practices into their coaching programs, focusing on aspects such as fitness, nutrition, and mental health awareness. They believe that nurturing the overall well-being of their players is essential for sustained success and longevity in the sport.

By fostering this holistic approach, Alex Fielding and Jono Cooper aspire to produce not just skilled athletes but well-rounded individuals who embody the spirit of excellence both on and off the tennis court. Their commitment to Gosford Tennis Club and to developing the whole player, underscores their dedication to shaping the future of Australian tennis by empowering athletes to thrive in all aspects of their lives.