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2019 GDTA Operations Reports

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Staff Incentive Program GTC Oct 2019.pptxDownload
Roster with Job Roles.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 21 October 2019.pdfDownload
Operations Report 21 October 2019.docxDownload
Marketing Report October.docxDownload
GDTA TA Ins report PC 2019.pdfDownload
Gdta Numbers.doc.xlsxDownload
Coaching Report September 19.docxDownload
ANZ Doubles Classic Flyer.pdfDownload
Operations Report 18 November 2019[1].pdfDownload
Draft Performance Pathways.pptxDownload
Costings - Super Series.pdfDownload
Website Notes - November 2019.docxDownload
Operations Report.docxDownload
Operations Report 21 October 2019.docxDownload
Operations Report 18 November 2019.pdfDownload
Newcastle UTR attachment 1.pdfDownload
Master Plan - GTC Priorities - D2.xlsxDownload
Marketing Schedule.xlsxDownload
Marketing Report November 19.docxDownload
Marketing Report November 19.pdfDownload
KPI Summary Oct 2019.pdfDownload
GTC Competitions Metrics.pdfDownload
Total 2019 Tennis Program Numbers Summary New.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 12 December 2019.pdfDownload
Operations Report 12 December 2019.docxDownload
Memberships 2019-2020 New.xlsxDownload
Membership Pathways 2019-2020 New.xlsxDownload
Marketing Report December.docxDownload
KPI Summary Oct 2019.pptxDownload
GTC_Letter_Sponsors Letter.docxDownload
Australia 2020 (3).pdfDownload
2019 coaches report.docxDownload
Work in progress May 2019.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 29 July 2019.pdfDownload
Gdta Numbers.doc.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 26 August 2019.pdfDownload
Operations Report 26 August 2019.docxDownload
Marketing Report August.pdfDownload
Copy of Gdta Numbers.xlsxDownload
Bonny 2019 Tennis Program Numbers Summary New.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 22 October 2018.pdfDownload
Job Description - Data Input.pdfDownload
Operations report[1].docxDownload
Operations Report 20 May 2019.pdfDownload
Operations Report 20 May 2019.docxDownload
May Gdta Numbers.xlsxDownload
Copy of Meeting Notes 200519.xlsxDownload
Operations Report 17 June 2019.pdfDownload
Ideas for fund raising.pdfDownload
Gdta Numbers.doc.xlsxDownload
Copy of Gosford Asset management financials.xlsxDownload
Club coach agreement instructions.pdfDownload
Club Coach Agreement 190617.docxDownload
ANZ Central Coast Open Proposal 2019.pdfDownload
2019 Strategic Plan Template - draft .pdfDownload
2019 Strategic Plan Template - draft .docxDownload
2019 Business Plan Template - Final.pdfDownload
2019 Business Plan Template - draft.docxDownload
Operations Report 15 April 2019.pdfDownload
Minutes of Meeting CCSA & GTC 200319.docxDownload
CCSA letter to Council (Mayor)- marked up.docxDownload
Tennis Event Budget.pdfDownload
Operations Report 11 March 2019.pdfDownload
Marketing Role & Responsibilities.docxDownload
Broadland_Cloud_PBX_Data_Services_Application_-GDTA xxx.pdfDownload