2020 Gosford Tennis Club Championships – Junior Age Event

A brilliant start to the 77th Gosford Tennis Club Championships and an incredible player turn out for all division! Thank-you to all, the support for our club is greatly appreciated!

Well done to all who competed and congratulations to our following Junior Club Champions:


U/10 Boys Singles:

Winner; Paul De Laubadere, R/Up; Mitchell Coventry Searle

U/10 Girls Singles:

Winner; Zoe Liang, R/Up; Sambhavi Selvakumar


U/12 Boys Singles:

Winner; Kelly Leeming, R/Up; Rafael Norris

U/12 Girls Singles:

Winner; Lavinia Camara, R/Up; Bridget Broome


U/14 Boys Singles:

Winner; Flynn Searle, R/Up; Harvey Brimbecom

U/14 Girls Singles:

Winner; Stacy Sunhwa Lee, R/Up; Chloe Hanger


U/16 Boys Singles:

Winner; Owen Lees

U/16 Girls Singles:

Winner; Jessica Jeong, R/Up; Vidhi Parekh


U/18 Boys Singles:

Winner; Nicholas de Vivo, R/Up; Matthew Quach

U/18 Boys Conso:

Winner; Eddie Westfall

R/Up; Ashton Mcleod


Junior Doubles Club Champions:

U/12 Boys Doubles:

Winners; Flynn & Mitchell Coventry Searle,

Runners/up; Rafael Norris & Ashton Surwald